Lunchbox Computer Battery Powered

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest lunchbox computer battery powered units available on the market today.

Sterling has been building portable computers since 1991. At that time the Desktop units were in high demand and Sterling was tring to expand a product offering a portable desktop. Portable desktops were in demand since a variety of interface cards were being provided for the desktop computer would be valuable when taken on the road for testing purposes.

One feature would always remain in that the portable pc would be cumbersome and needed to be plugged into an outlet. We now offer a portable pc ( still called a lunchbox pc ) that has a battery and offers interface slots for desktop pci card mobility. They are being sold as our Commander AT5 Model.

Below is a link to a lunchbox computer battery powered chassis offering a 3 full length slots for your proprietary cards.

Commander-AT5 Model

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The Sterling Team.

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