Lunchbox Computer Portable PC

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest lunchbox computer portable pc products available on the market today.

Sterling offers quality “portable computers” which are also known as lunchbox computers that are rugged, upgradeable, full functional mobile computers and travel hardened chassis models. We have been building luggable computers since 1991. Many of our portable pc systems have been used in the industry to program equipment, where other computers would simply fail. Sterling provides comuters which can be considered a mobile servers offering dual processors and multiple drives.

Our portable pc line now offer HD LCD displays and full-size expansion slots for your specialty cards. Sterling specializes in integrating full length PCI and PCI-E boards into our lunchbox cases.

New to our industrial line is our rugged notebook series which are rugged mobile notebook computers that are stronger than a standard notebook computer. Our rugged notebooks meet a military standard for harsh environments.

Rugged portable pc’s are now available in custom configuration delivering desktop performance. The biggest emphasis is now seen in performance capabilities. Sterling is able to incorporate the latest Intel Xeon server designs into a luggable portable pc platform. Our Zeus models offer advanced designs in a rugged platform (luggable computer). Our single board computer designs will still handle specialized PCI-E and PCI cards so necessary in the instrumentation arena. Sterling has introduced a battery powered 2 full length PCI or PCI-E lunchbox computer design unit that can meet the industrial applications of specialized PCI cards with our Commander-AT5 model. We are now offering a 400Hz power supply for the aviation industry. This option is available in many of our lunchbox computer chassis case models.

Sterling portable computers are ready to be customized for your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your application of a portable computer. We offer many portable computer variations including standard ATX, Extended ATX, Micro-ATX, SBC and Backplane arrangements. Contact us today to discuss your project and we can send you a formal quote with your requested configuration. We also provide custom solutions for your business needs. Our company has the ability to provide a hardware computer solution for portable lunchbox computer field use or internal server business solutions.

Below is a link to a lunchbox computer chassis offering a standard atx format with 7 full length slots with a display up to a 17.3 inch 1920x1080 resolution display.

Aztec-ATX4 Model

Contact Us today to discuss a custom build lunchbox computer for your business.

The Sterling Team.

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