Multi Screen Portable PC

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest multi screen portable pc products available on the market today.

Sterling’s 3 screen or Multi screen Portable computers and Lunchbox computers are highly customizable. Normally the Video card has to be able to service 3 screens at one time. This is why 2 video cards are used to accomplish this. In addition our customers are usually requesting multiple slots that will be used for proprietary interface cards all of which Sterling can customize.

We have been requested to obtain video capture cards and special audio cads that were manufactured by a German company. Sterling not only Built the 3 screen Portable but also sourced the components from overseas. We would welcome such challenges from any new customer.

Sterling Computer Sales will provide a three screen portable solution for your business. Simply give us a call and let us know your requirement and we will select the best lunchbox pc chassis for you. We have been providing lunchbox computers since 1991 and look forward to working with your company to provide a portable solution for your business. Contact us today to discuss your project and we will provide a formal quote with lead time and full warranty and support on all components installed in the unit.

Below is a link to a lunchbox computer chassis offering a standard atx format offering three 21.5 inch 1920x1080 resolution displays.

Apollo-A4 Model

Contact Us today to discuss a custom build lunchbox computer for your business.

The Sterling Team.

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