Portable Computer Built to Last

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest portable computers that are built to last for many years since it can be upgraded in the future with standard component parts.

Sterling has been building portable multi screen computers for quite some time and the return repair rate has been non existent. Our assembly process has been streamlined to incorporate tested components based on our experience. Such as Asus, Gigabyte, Spi, intel and Dynatron. We have also installed numerous operating systems with the appropriate components with drivers. Once the components are determined for the portable computer, the assembly process begins. We take great care to provide a long lasting pc.

Sterling has recently received Intel and Microsoft awards in the field of Value added services. Even the small items such as the cable mounting within the 3 screen portable pc has evolved. The hinging mechanics are very durable. Many units have been sold to the armed services for command and control. Shipping has been achieved using specially designed shipping cases. It is always a challenge to build a precision instrument like our portable computer and have it survive common carrier abusive shipping. This is why the corners have rubber mounts. Drive cages are shock isolated The drives are not directly attached to the case like a standard tower case but have rubber isolation points to absorb the shock during shipping.

All these concerns to handle eventual shock are need in that the shipping companies rarely if ever pay for damages the cause due to dropped shipment. They always blame the carton packaging as the culprit. If these units are to be shipped often the a container shipping solution is available for this portable computer. Sterling has already searched for this solution and is ready to supply the correct shipping case. Our company provides portable computers to display all versions of portable computers including the 3 screen portable. On this web site notebooks with serial ports are also offered. But the main item we build is the portable computer.

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The Sterling Team.

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