Portable PC Dual Processor

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest portable PC dual processor products available on the market today.

Sterling offers a portable pc computer referred in the industry as a lunchbox computer with the capability of offering dual processor performance. Our portable pc chassis units can handle industry leading CPU performance with large amount of memory onboard utilizing the latest mainboards available on the market.

Sterling has a complete line of portable pc units to meet the demands of leading businesses, manufacturing plants, data integration, security analysis, and government agencies. Sterling provides portable pc computers with different form factors and multiple drive bays for hard drive expansion. Contact us today to discuss your requirement and we will select the appropriate portable pc for your business enterprize with the versatility and performance necessary to grow your business into the future.

Below is a link to a portable pc dual processor unit offering 7 full length slots.

Apollo-A2 Model

Contact Us today to discuss a custom build lunchbox computer for your business.

The Sterling Team.

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