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Nvidia A100 GPU Graphics Card

The nvidia A100 GPU graphics card provides acceleration at every scale to power the worlds highest performing data centers for AI, HPC and data analytics......

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Areca SAS (ARC-1883x)

The Areca SAS (ARC-1883x) is the new third generation ARC-1883 family offers advanced technology for increased performance and improved enterprise data protection......

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History Of The Portable PC

When Sterling Computer Sales started into the portable PC business, the desktop computer was front and center with no real competitors there were no notebooks to challenge the dominance of the desktop computer......

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Rugged Portable PC

The Lunchbox Computer Is actually a rugged portable pc. What makes these units so special is the Internal engineering. To start the motherboard is part of the rugged series and is securely fastened......

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Lunchbox Computer Portable PC

Sterling offers quality “portable computers” which are also known as lunchbox computers that are rugged, upgradeable, full functional mobile computers and travel hardened chassis models.....

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Portable Computer Built To Last

Sterling has been building portable multi screen computers for quite some time and the return repair rate has been non existent. Our assembly process has been streamlined to incorporate tested components based on our experience.....

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Multi Screen Portable PC

Sterling’s 3 screen or Multi screen Portable computers and Lunchbox computers are highly customizable. Normally the Video card has to be able to service 3 screens at one time.....

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3 Screen Portable PC

Sterling builds various 3 screen portable pc‘s that are designed to be rugged in nature. These cases are built with light aluminum and have padded corners. Older models would use the Matrox 3 screen conversion card where a single signal is converted to a three screen display....

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Portable PC

Sterling has been in business for over 20 years. It started building portable pc’s in 1991. At that time few portables existed as an option to the desktop. If you wanted to take your proprietary card in your desktop on the road you would need our portable pc....

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Portable PC Dual Processor Lunchbox Computer

Sterling offers a portable pc computer referred in the industry as a lunchbox computer with the capability of offering dual processor performance...

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