Portable PC

Sterling Computer Sales provides the newest portable pc products available on the market today.

Sterling has been in business for over 20 years. It started building portable pc’s in 1991. At that time few portables existed as an option to the desktop. If you wanted to take your proprietary card in your desktop on the road you would need our portable pc. The cases at that time were built with a plastic shell and were still quite heavy. The portable pc still has the same characteristics today.

Our portable pc units are still heavy in weight. The portable pc does not compete with the notebook or laptop, for portability. It competes with these units on the basis of power, hard disk space and various expansion slots.

The Portable Computer that Sterling offers is in its own category. These portable computer feature The latest Intel and AMD CPU’s. Powerful alternatives to the desktop. The only limitation is the size of the main-board. The ATX form factor is the most common. when selecting a portable computer one can specify power supply characteristics, CPU type and wattage, type of expansion slots, main-boards, and HD displays. Sterling also offers sunlight readable displays for field work. There is really nothing stock about Sterling systems. Sterling can even develop the shipping case that a unit needs given the material handling concerns of the major delivery carriers.

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The Sterling Team.

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